Four Reasons to Switch to Fiber Technology

If you’ve been in the market for an HD video encoder, SD encoder, or another piece of equipment that provides your business with better, faster, and more reliable communication and closed-circuit video and audio capabilities, the words “fiber network” have probably already come up in your search. Fiber optic technology incorporates thin glass or plastic “fibers” throughout the product to transport and receive data, and fiber cables are usually encased in a glass or Plexiglass covering for an added layer of protection. If you’ve been considering replacing your current AV system with one that incorporates the use of fiber optic cables, here are four benefits that you’ll enjoy:


  • Higher bandwidth cables. Fiber cables have the benefit of being able to transmit much more data than traditional copper cables. The result is a network that uses fewer cables overall while retaining — or even improving — the quality and clarity of standard copper cable operated systems.
  • Less interference. Fiber cables are unable to conduct electricity like traditional copper cables. This means that there is a decreased likelihood for interference.
  • Lighter weight. By transmitting data through thin strands of fiber rather than bulky copper cables, fiber optic systems provide a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver option when compared to traditional AV setups. This is a great added benefit for companies that move their AV operations frequently.
  • Digitally transmitted data. When you use copper cables, the source data needs to be converted from digital to analog. With a fiber network, this is unnecessary. This translates into fewer breakdowns and less frequent interference when compared to traditional copper cables.


Fiber technology is the wave of the future — and it’s available today. Lightweight, fast, and surprisingly affordable, fiber optic technology is being adopted by organizations across the country. Contact us to learn more about how fiber optic technology can benefit your business. To buy MPEG 2 encoders or any of our other high-quality products online, continue browsing our site.

What is Placeshifting?

If you’re a business owner who needs a device that allows you to stream local baseband videos online to a number of different locations, you’ve probably already heard about placeshifting. Read on to learn more about placeshifting, and decide for yourself if using placeshifting technology would be beneficial to your business and customers.

The Origins of Placeshifting

The average consumer probably recognizes the idea of placeshifting as a way to watch local baseball games and their favorite TV shows on their devices, no matter where they are. Essentially, placeshifting allows media, which is stored on one device, to be remotely accessed from another device. It can incorporate format shifting as well — for example, a placeshifting device can take a broadcast appearing on cable television and convert it for streaming on mobile devices all around the world. One of the common practical uses of placeshifting is to avoid copyright infringement, as the content is still being locally broadcast and only the location has been shifted.

An Alternative to Slingbox

Though many businesses rely on devices like Slingbox for their placeshifting needs, Radiant Communications Corporation has developed an alternative to the standard Slingbox technology that improves the speed and clarity of placeshifted content through fiber technology. The RM1106 is a placeshifting, streaming device that allows multiple users to view remote content simultaneously with crystal clear quality. The RM1106 is not simply a replacement for the Slingbox; it offers an improvement on the technology, reducing lag and allowing up to four screens to be supported at the same time thanks to the speed of the fiber network.

If you are a business owner interested in learning more about how placeshifting can improve the quality of the content you deliver to your customers, please contact us today by calling 888-412-0124.

How Schools and Universities Can Benefit From a Fiber Network

If you are in charge of the communications system or closed circuit television system of a school or university, you already know that striking the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness can be difficult to find. Your students and faculty depend upon their communications system to keep both their co-workers and students informed, but these systems can quickly become prohibitively expensive if set up by an inexperienced company. Radiant Communications Corporation has been providing cost-effective PEG encoders and other communications systems to help schools and universities improve their audio and visual systems while keeping costs down.

Radiant Communications Corporation has been in business since 1985, and the company is committed to keeping up with the technological advancements that make communications systems more affordable for schools without sacrificing quality. A fiber system is one of the most cutting-edge ways to ensure that your school has access to high-definition video and audio over a defined network. In particular, the video encoders developed by Radiant Communications Corporation take advantage of fiber optic technology to transmit on either a single-channel or multi-network system. Our MPEG-2 and H.264 video encoders allow you to multi-cast to an endless number of network locations, making it the perfect tool for day-to-day communications requirements in which a large number of users are contained on a single network, such as a school or university.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the difference that fiber technology can bring to you and your employees, the first step is to buy a patch panel that is formatted for your specific needs. The fiber patch panels available from Radiant Communications Corporation are able to streamline local video networks by using a single fiber to transmit communication signals to a number of devices on the network. This is perfect for a school system with teachers and staff users that rely on the network for fast, reliable signals.

Now is the perfect time to contact Radiant Communications Corporation to learn more about how you can help your school step into the 21st century with fiber technology.

What are the Types of Patch Panels Available at Radiant Communications Corporation?

If your business is looking to streamline and simplify your IP, data, and voice communication, there’s no better solution than a fiber patch panel. A fiber patch panel allows you to house your passive optical network in one convenient place, reducing the chance that your system becomes damaged by external forces and needs to be repaired.

At Radiant Communications Corporation, we’re proud to provide businesses with the highest quality products when they buy a patch panel from our website. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards, allowing you to rest assured that the patch panel you will receive is safe and made from durable material. Our patch panels are constructed with heavy-duty housing and a multi-step paint processing system to offer you the highest security possible for your network’s needs. We offer a variety of sizes that can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 96 cables depending on the needs of your business. A PON that uses a fiber patch panel is the perfect solution for a business looking to simplify their communicative needs.

Currently, Radiant Communications Corporation offers the following types of fiber patch panels that differ in style and uses:

  • Wall mount patch panels. The wall mount patch panel is the most universal type of fiber patch panel, and our models can accommodate all major styles and types of cables. This type of patch panel is also stackable, and it comes with a cable management accessory kit.
  • Rack mount patch panels. The main feature of the rack mount patch panel is that it offers both front and rear openings, providing you with simple and easy cable management options. Optional splice trays and splicing pigtails allow you to further customize your system.
  • Rack card cages & splice trays. While not an individual type of fiber patch panel, these accessories provide you with additional options when it comes to managing your cable system and making your unit more organized and easier to maintain.

To learn more about our fiber patch panels and other products for your network, please browse our site.

How the SRT Protocol Can Make Video Streaming Better for Your Organization

Radiant Communications Corporation recently joined the SRT Alliance, a group that supports the management and implementation of an open source video transport protocol, SRT. The SRT protocol allows for high-quality and low latency videos to be shared easily on the internet. With this alliance, it’s easier for companies in the telecommunications industry, as well as PEG operators, to stream videos and events.

SRT can bring the best quality video to even the worst networks. Here are some qualities that make the SRT protocol worthwhile:

Pristine Quality

You can protect against packet loss, bandwidth fluctuation, and other issues that can typically interrupt video streaming.

Low Latency

Regardless of any network challenges, SRT always delivers low latency video while maintaining exceptional clarity.

Secure Streams

Your content will always be protected, from contribution to distribution. You can be sure that your video content will be as private or as public as you want it to be.

Open Source

The SRT protocol is available for any developer thanks to Haivision and Wowza, the founding members of the SRT Alliance.

If your organization is hosting a company retreat, a volunteer program, a live performance, or another event that you want to share with the world through a live stream, Radiant Communications Corporation makes it easier for you, thanks to their quality encoders which are compatible with the SRT protocol. Clients, partners, and competition will be wondering how your video quality and streaming are so crisp and smooth.

Radiant Communication Corporation already has a goal of delivering affordable and high-quality video to the telecommunications industry and PEG operators through our state-of-the-art equipment, such as MPEG 2 HD encoders. By joining the SRT Alliance and having the SRT protocol enabled on our devices, we can continue to promise you and your organization the highest quality in live streaming.

Our President, Thomas Lewis, released the following statement in regards to joining the SRT alliance:

“This alliance compliments Radiant Communications’ already extensive line of MPEG2 /H.264 HD and SD VIVIDEDGE video encoders and allows our customers to transmit high quality and low latency video over public networks like the internet. The SRT protocol enabled VL4510 VividEdge encoder allows broadcasters and PEG operators a secure and low-cost solution for transmitting live video events such as school games and plays, board meetings, parades, community events, etc., via the internet to cable operators for distribution to their customers.”

To learn more about our products, or to find MPEG 2 encoders for sale online, or other equipment, visit our website at or call us at 1-888-412-0124 today for a free estimate.