Video & Audio Encoding

In today’s fast-paced digital world, reliable, cutting-edge communication plays a key role. That’s why you need cost-effective, high-speed communication solutions from Radiant Communications Corporation. In business since 1985, we are proud to design and manufacture audio and video decoding, encoding and transmission equipment that is suitable for all of your communication needs. Our products include MPEG-2 and H264 encoders, fiber optic cables, media converters, fiber optic repeaters and fiber patch panels.

For three decades, Radiant Communications Corporation has made it possible for myriad organizations to transmit audio and video signals globally. Our clients include cable and broadcast TV networks and telecommunications firms who come to us for multimedia content delivery and technical support. We have also proudly designed and implemented audio and video communications solutions for military and government entities.

We invest ourselves in bringing the highest level of technological development to our customers, which is why we manufacture MPEG 2 HD and H.264 format encoding equipment. At Radiant Communications Corporation, we constantly research and develop new and improved products so that our customers will always have the cutting-edge communications advantage. Our unwavering commitment to customer support means that when you choose a Radiant Communications Corporation encoder or fiber optic cable, you have access to consistent professional technical support and advice.

HD video encoding

MPEG2 HD Encoder

Our V4500 series of MPEG-2 and H264 selectable encoders and decoders are available as either high-definition or multi-channel models. With either of these MPEG 2 HD and H.264 encoding solutions, you can broadcast high quality video over your network. An MPEG-2 and H264 encoder also allows you to multicast to an endless number of network locations. We also manufacture our QRF-5000 Series QAM Tuners, which encode and transmit digital cable channels. No matter what you need in order to meet day to day communication requirements and challenges, we have an encoding solution for you.

Our V4530 Series selectable encoder and decoder is merely one of the dozens of other Radiant Communications Corporation products. Whether you’re looking to buy a patch panel or a fiber optic repeater, Radiant Communications Corporation has the MPEG 2 HD and H.264 audio and video transmission solutions that you need. To learn more, explore the Radiant Communications Corporation website or call 1(888) 412-0124.

mpeg-2 encoding