Buy Fiber Patch Panel & Racks

When you buy a patch panel from Radiant Communications Corporation, you are guaranteed a high-quality, safe product. All of our fiber patch panels are housed in heavy duty, lockable metal cabinets with multi-step paint processing to ensure the protection of your communications system from external damage. Our fiber patch panels come in wall mount and rack mount formats, depending on the needs of your network. And since every network is different, our patch panels can accommodate different cable installment sizes, from 12 cables to 96 cables.

Wall Mount Patch Panels
Wall mount patch panels from Radiant Communications Corporation accommodate all popular connector styles, are stackable, and come with an accessory kit for cable management. Optional features include: a fiber splice tray, splicing pigtails, and additional fiber optic jumpers.

Rack Mount Patch Panels
Our rack mount patch panels feature front and rear openings for easy cable access and come in sizes suited for either 19-inch or 23-inch mounting brackets. Just as you can buy additional patch panel features with our wall mount patch panels, you can select optional splice trays and splicing pigtails for our rack mount patch panels for greater flexibility.

Rack Card Cages & Splice Trays
We recommend using Radiant Communications Corporation rack card cages and splice trays in conjunction with our wall and rack mount patch panels. Our rack card cages are designed to accommodate up to eight two-slot modules. They are internally powered with an optional redundant power supply available. Our splice trays come in two sizes, which hold up to either six or twelve splices.

RFoG Fiber Patch Panels

RR Over Glass is an economical migration to FFTh while still using the same Headend equipment and analog optics that are utilized for HFC delivery. The services are provided the same over the traditional HFC network. RFoG is a perfect solution for fiber planned communities that require fiber in the home. Local video insertion is done on the input of the node/vhub that feeds the customer ONU devices.

PON Fiber Patch Panels

PON stands for Passive Optical Network, which is a telecommunications technology, implementing a point-to-multipoint architecture where unpowered fiber optic splitters are utilized. This enables a single optical fiber to serve multiple end-points for customers without the need to have individual fibers between the hub and customer. It is always better to simplifying a network in order to cut down on unnecessary fibers. Our Pon Fiber Patch Panels hold it all together for you, organizing the system for better management. You can also buy fiber optic cables from us that are top-of-the-line.

PON Insertion
A PON architecture involves a single feeder fiber that is passively split, serving usually 32 homes. The current deployment if the MSO’s features two types of PON systems:

  • Hybrid PON
    • Uses RFoG or coax QAM for video delivery.
    • For RFoG, the local video PON insertion is done the same as standard RFoG systems.
    • For coax QAM, with linear video services, the PON router sends the PON data to each subscriber as MOCA service and video services are delivered over coax to customer terminals (TV or STB). The video insertion is performed at the input of the PON router via standard VividEdge PON encoder.
    • Insertion is done over IP via the GigE port on the router.

To learn more about how Radiant Communications Corporation can help you build your network, call 1-800-WOW-FIBR.

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