HD Encoders

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HD telecommunications content is rapidly becoming the industry standard. HD encoders have become a necessity for any Passive Optical Network (PON). Now, even Public Access Television stations can deliver high-quality content to residents with the VL4500 series of HD encoders from Radiant Communications Corporation. Whether your network setup is PON, GPON, EPON, or RFOG, these products have exactly what your community needs.

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  • HD PEG Encoder


    Dual Stream MPEG-2 / H.264 HD Broadcast Encoder

    • Multi-Stream Encoding

    • Superior HD Quality at Low Bitrates

    • Out of Band Management

    • MPEG2 SD/HD

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Why choose a product from the VL4500 series? It has plenty of features that will make it the ideal solution for your PEG programs:

  • Multi-program encoder – capable of both MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding in either SD or HD video
  • Dual stream encoding – provides beautiful HD content, with the option of down conversion to SD
  • Subtitles delivery on all streams via EIA708 Closed Captioning allows you to communicate better with all members of your community
  • ASI, IP, and QAM outputs
  • TS out with VLAN support
  • File input via USB or SATA means greater device compatibility
  • Remote system reboot capability gets your station up and running more quickly after a power outage

By upgrading to an HD Encoder, the MSO is able to replace outdated analog audio and video equipment with more cost effective HD capable multi-channel solutions. Making the switch to HD also eliminates the need for all that extra equipment currently taking up space in the rack, including fiber receivers and the encoder and groomer from the headend. The MSO will also have the ability to deploy the encoder without the use of a service delivery switch, further reducing the amount of space needed to operate the equipment. Besides saving space, it will also reduce power consumption and allow for better heat dissipation.

PEG Encoders

Those in Public, Education, and Government (PEG) broadcasting have a unique set of needs, and the VL4500 is the ideal device for HD encoding. It is a very practical and economical solution.

  • Requires less energy than a standard light bulb to run — less than 24 watts of power.
  • Delivers crystal clear 1080p content stream, but can also be down-converted to 480i for legacy applications.
  • Creates very little heat by utilizing a unique thermal design.
  • Compact and lightweight, it can be placed in locations with unconventional setups that were not originally intended to house broadcasting equipment.
  • VL4520 model specifically has the capability to deliver all three Public, Education, and Government programs to CATV facilities all in one convenient 1RU rack.

What are FTTX Solutions?

Fiber-to-the- x (or FTTX) is a network architecture in which fiber optic cables are used as part of a local telecommunications loop, where the x stands for a location. For example, FTTC stands for Fiber-to-the-Cabinet, in which fiber optic cables run from the central office to a street cabinet typically a short distance from a customer’s home, and then copper cables are used to complete the connection. In Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connections, the fiber optic cables reach all the way inside a customer’s home. Because these types of setups are becoming more common, more members of your community will have access to high-definition programming, thus increasing the need for PEG programs to be ready with next generation equipment like the HD encoders in the VL4500 series.

As with all Radiant Communications Corpation products, you can be confident that you are buying the highest quality equipment available. With their free 24/7 technical support, someone will always be available to help you with any questions that you might have.